Stellaria Creative           Company is a beacon of light multimedia storytelling company who gives voice to those who are silenced.

     We are in the business of life-changing, mind-altering storytelling through the use of multi-media artistic platforms; immersive live performance, experiential events, and publishing. Stellaria utilizes surreal and whimsy interactive decor and exhibits to help our guests get a truly visceral experience that appeases the senses. Our unique blend of literary and theatrical storytelling lends itself to originality in merging genres through quarterly pop-up events where people can get a taste (quite literally!) of Stellaria's storytelling experience.

     Check out some of Stellaria's original shows here.


Stellaria Creative Company owner Jeanette Bent
Stellaria Creative Company manager Kristin Wyatt
Jeanette Bent

Founder & CEO

Kristin Wyatt

Operations Manager

Stellaria Creative Company is the brainchild of Jeanette Bent, and derives from her many years in the entertainment, marketing and travel industries. A strong woman with a pioneering eye, Jeanette strives for the absolute best through perseverance and authenticity. Read more about Jeanette on the Artistic Director page. Seeking her press bio? Check it out here.

Kristin joined Stellaria in 2016, coming from Southern California with 20 years of experience coordinating entertainment and event management. She wears many Stellaria hats; photographer, videographer, editor, prop and costume creator, and directorial assistant. Time permitting, she'll jump on stage as a performer, too!


Jeanette and other Stellaria performers dangle from bridge in Santa Cruz
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