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Stellaria Creatives

Sarah Cohen is a multi-disciplinary artist and serial entrepreneur out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Her artistic style is inspired by multiple sources, including productions from Madhouse, Bethesda, and Studio MDHR. She spent a decade working as a circus acrobat, and spent a year touring with Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey as a world famous Ringling clown. She currently is developing her own circus, the Butterfly Effect Circus Co.


Jeremy Mackrell is an up and coming comic artist hailing from Northern California. His style is a mix of Disney, Spindlehorse Productions, and various anime sources. He has done work for projects such as Megaton Girl, and is currently creating comics for Stellaria, such as the anthology noir Tales by Candlelight and the dark furry comedy, Demon of Darkhaven.

The Mistake.jpg

Allison Paradise is a Santa Cruz-based author and entrepreneur, founding The Epicenter.

She wrote and illustrated a unique children's interactive coloring book and journal called "The Mistake" to help inspire and empower young minds in stepping into who they really are and embracing all of themselves. Published under The Epicenter, Allison brainstormed and collaborated with Stellaria Creative Company pre-publication, who acted as a book shepherd, to create a timeline, shop printing resources, organize thoughts, market the book to toy stores and a children's museum, as well as test the book among many different types of children to see how it was received. Make sure to snag your copy by clicking the image to the left. 

Abby (Ginty) O'hara has an incredible and unique story. Born nearly 6 months early, doctors were skeptical that she could have a thriving life, but little would they know how she grew into an intelligent young woman despite all of the trauma and malpractice that her, her mother and her twin sister underwent. In this inspiring story, Abby describes to the reader how she has (and currently still is) turning around her fate, and how you can too.

Jeanette (Bent) Prather is helping to shepherd Abby on her story so that she may one day self-publish her book.

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