Some of our past clients include...

  • Assessed and suggested the creation of a Facebook event page with associated advertising, which boosted sales 10% in one day.

  • Event promotion on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) before the event -- 4 impressions per month.

  • Engagement Marketing before the event through flyering and speaking to targeted demographics.

  • Engagement Marketing used during the event ("crowd hype" to set the tone of the day).

  • Helped to raise over $6,000 for a singular event weekend in the museum.

  • Put the museum in a forward-facing position to other businesses in the area.

  • Redesigned all Print Marketing Collateral (brochure, flyers, etc.) for consisting branding.

  • Made daily social media impressions and campaigns that helped grow the museum's following on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and generate interaction.

  • Engagement Marketing and Feedback Loop initiated multiple times in the form of contests, interactive exhibits and direct-to-consumer questionnaires.

  • Initiated analytics and data spreadsheets to capture the museum's statistics and facts for future Marketing uses.

  • Organized an entirely new section of said Integrated Marketing techniques for the museum to easily maintain from one source rather than fragmented over various marketing channels.

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