The Act Development & Storytelling Series

Act Development was one of Aerial Arts Santa Cruz's most popular class series. Taught by 25-year professional performer and former studio owner, Jeanette Bent, this series focuses on the individual's specific routine needs, taking you from multiple foundational storytelling methods (through Phase One that explores a myriad of media with quick daily prompts) to ...


Act Development is practical and explores storytelling through a variety of storytelling platforms like dance, writing, aerial, digital, visual, musical, and any other output mode. For example, a short performance, written/spoken poem, blog, podcast, song, and/or a simple spoken short story works!


Don't worry about making it too long, we just want you to have 45 days' worth of material, well, for whatever you'd like to do with it! Seriously, 3 minutes and improv/imperfection is fine! Welcome even.


This is essentially the same exercise that I used to give my Act Development students back in the day. Remember that? Sigh... Nostalgia 🙃


Post your creation in this app and make sure to tag your fellow Challenge-ers so we can see what you've come up. And of course there's no judgement, only encouragement!


Happy storytelling 🤸‍♀️

, so come ready to move and work on a performance piece no matter which phase of development; have an idea, have a song, have a routine, just need some polishing? Acts in any stage of development are all welcome! Designed for students and professionals at any level, this workshop will leave students with completed, or near completed, aerial acts and tools for continued progress.

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