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Stellaria Creative Company specializes in interactive and literary storytelling.


Born from traditional live performance mixed with literary creations, Stellaria incorporates a unique blend of interactive and linear storytelling techniques.

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Who We Are & What We Do

Stellaria Creative Company specializes in unique methods of engagement marketing and storytelling that incorporates original cirque musical theatre and/or site-specific productions, acrobatic brand ambassadors and entertainers.


Stellaria also sells original show packages and scripts, available here.

Born from the ever-evolving world of entertainment in 2013, Stellaria made the merge into experiential marketing and special events in 2017 when Artistic Director, Jeanette Bent saw a need not being met in the brand marketing scene. Since 2020, she expanded the company to include literary publishing of graphic novels, comic books and musical theatre scripts, both written by Jeanette as well as other authors.

Read more about Stellaria and the people behind the company here.

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Stellaria Creative Company develops original, visceral stories through immersive entertainment, integrated marketing, live performance, and publishing. This technique utilizes the talents and varied skills of field marketers, brand ambassadors, and storytellers through immersive circus, fine arts, and acrobatic performance. We create and publish musical theatre scripts, graphic novels, comics, and illustration books for children and adults, which we will be "bringing to life" in 2021 with in-person pop-up events. The Stellaria culture strongly believes in changing the world in positive ways through storytelling, and has chosen multiple media platforms to do so. Just seeking entertainers and field marketers without all of the other accouterments? Click here.

Stellaria Creative Company holds a Permission Marketing angle that is executed through experiential events and unique field marketing strategies. We believe in Seth Godin's theory of "work that matters for people who care." Our years in live performance and entertainment, namely aerial acrobatics, have paved the way for an original branding strategy for clients who want to "make a ruckus" and change the world.

Finally, clients interested in our publishing services may browse our Show Catalog and/or Publishing page. Stellaria's original works featured in our Show Catalog acts as a catalyst in serving our clients' brands through live entertainment, and if the setting is not there, Stellaria will create the atmosphere with site-specific immersive design. Just seeking entertainers and field marketers without all of the other accouterments? Click here.

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Stellaria - Magical Places - Travel & Performance - Streaming Series - California's Great America - Coming Soon...

Magical Places
Travel & Performances
Streaming Series
Roaring Camp

Monterey  Bay Area Shows

Bellasphere (London Nelson Community Center)

Bloodyard (w/All Wheel Sports at California's Great America)

Bubble Bonanza Circus (Roaring Camp Railroads)

Circus of Nations (w/Mirage Entertainment at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk)

CounterCulture (University Business Park)

Creatures (London Nelson Community Center)

Fantaerial (London Nelson Community Center)

Orbital Beebop (London Nelson Community Center)

Pirates (Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk)

Steampunk Murder Mystery (Roaring Camp Railroads)

Stellar Sideshow (Civic Auditorium)

The BackWoods (Roaring Camp Railroads)


Coming Soon...
Magical Faeries in the Forest at Brookdale Lodge, Magic in the MAH, Magic in San Benito, Magic in Monterey & More...

International Shows

Club Med (Cancun, MX; Turks and Caicos, British Overseas Territory; Florida, USA)

Hotel Club Maeva (Manzanillo, MX)

Southern California (various venues throughout Long Beach, Los Angeles and Orange County)

Southern France (various venues throughout Aix-en-Provence and Marseille)

New York City (various venues throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island)


Coming Soon...
Caribbean Magic, Brazilian Magic, Paris Magic, Ukraine Magic, Kenya Magic, Philippines Magic, Australian Magic & More...